Project brief

The Poulsen House

When Prospect moved their offices into the historic Johan Poulsen House, we seized on the opportunity to create an identity for the building that was established in 1892. As the designer at Prospect, I was tasked with developing this identity. I used the textures, patterns, and the iconic turret itself to create a truly special identity for the historic home.


PROCESS + Design


The house was built in 1892 by Johan Poulsen. The Queen Anne style manor is an iconic landmark in Portland, just off of Powell and McLoughlin near the Ross Island Bridge. From the intricately carved wooden doorways to the stained glass windows, there was an endless supply of inspiration within the walls of the house.



Patterns and imagery inspired by wallpaper inside the home as well as the iconic turret. White the turret illustration is incorporated into the logo itself, the other designs can be used throughout branding as supportive imagery.





The logo is a left justified typographic lockup featuring the turret illustration. It is simple, refined, and easy to identify. 

Logo Variations



My intention with the branding was to showcase the personality of the house in a professional brand. I enjoy the idea of mixing and matching patterns and imagery with the logo type, to create something even more playful and unique.



The brand colors had to compliment Prospect's new branding while still representing the house. The house's honeycomb yellow paint was translated into a swatch for use in branding, but the logo is predominantly represented in the darkest blue or the taupe.